person iconKen Sandberg, Director, Subscriber Platform Group Engineering at Autodesk

“Capstone’s ability to understand the candidate, understand the role and match them together is the best I have come across. It comes from the time they take to fully understand the needs of all involved. I am grateful for all the help they have provided me over the years.”

person iconEli Potter, Vice President, Product & Technology, ServiceSource

“Capstone is an outstanding recruiting partner. I have worked with them for over 10 years and they provide highly qualified technical resources spanning project managers, scrum masters, BSAs, developers and architects. They also specialize in filling entry level positions in STEM. Capstone recruiters perform multiple levels of screening candidates which ensures my time as a hiring manager is maximized interviewing and on-boarding only the best.”

person iconNeal Goodrich, CIO, Goodwill of Central Arizona

“Capstone recruited some of the most outstanding people I have ever worked with. They enabled me to bring in not just one or two incredible people, but more than 10, including a Director of Engineering, a Director of Database and a Sr. Network Manager. The bottom line is that Capstone’s team has amazing talent, energy, professionalism, and intelligence.”

person iconW. M., Large Utility

“Circulating resume now… looks good so far. Compliments on the summary… this extra effort compliments my busy schedule and makes you the most effective recruiter I’m working with… please keep it up and keep looking for candidates… in case this one does not workout… and I’ve got more work in the pipeline. Keep you posted.”

person iconJim Yee, EVP-CIO, UBOC

“When I was the CIO of Montgomery Securities, Cindy built my staff. I’d recommend the services of her firm highly.”

person iconCIO, Mid-sized Regional Bank

“Cindy has been great to work with. Great recruiting expertise and customer service.”

person iconH. B., Financial Services Firm

“Thank you again for presenting Tiffany.  We were impressed by the professional summary you created for her.”

person iconSam Minjares, Director of Development, Matson Navigation

“Capstone brings a human element to this business that is, indeed rare.  Keep up the good work.”

person iconJan Scott, Director, Fortune 500 Utility

“No staffing firm has ever done what Capstone did. When I was on vacation, and there was confusion regarding which of their consultants were working on our requirements, they met with their staff and prioritized the work so the project could continue. That’s service!”

person iconDan Devlin, EVP/Chief Scientist, Excite@Home

“I’ve hired consultants for years, but after working with Capstone, they’ve raised the bar. This is how finding resources should be – responsive, intelligent, technically astute and thoughtful about our priorities and projects. Because they are knowledgeable about our development efforts, they find resources that have relevant experience, eliminating my need to screen or interview consultants. That’s a true partnership effort.”

person iconD. H. , Director, Large Utility

“I like to use Capstone because I can trust them to deliver contractors that meet my needs and fit into the organization.   I get the feeling from Capstone that they are looking out for my needs.   So many other vendors are always trying to push for more money or more contractors without respect for the needs of my business.”

person iconTim Koss, Project Manager, Simpson Strong-Tie

“Thanks for everything. You exceeded my expectations on finding candidates for this job.”

person iconKate, Recruiting Manager, Fintech client

“Thanks for sharing this candidate, he really stood out to the team!”

person iconThad Chwierut, Consultant

“I’ve worked in the software industry since 1985, and as a professional consultant I’ve worked for a lot of innovative and dynamic consulting firms, both domestically and internationally. Capstone is the standard to which I measure all my experiences. Simply put, I will not use another firm if Capstone is available. Capstone provides a no-nonsense, honest, diligent, friendly and “stand by what they say” experience. And those 5 qualities are simply the ideal conditions in which business partnerships can flourish. I am not paid to share this experience, I was simply moved to do so, based on my experience with Cindy. The IT industry and software consulting can be a small world. Integrity and honesty are required to build trust, and trust is essential in fostering long-term, profitable business relationships. As a professional consultant, I team up with Cindy, and I encourage and recommend you to do the same.”

person iconMarcy Alstott, Manufacturing Management Consultant

“It has been great doing business with you. I like your company and the people. Top notch.”

person iconVicki J. Languein, Consultant

“As a manager, I have worked with temporary contract agents in the past and was not sure what to expect as an employee of an agency. From day one I was impressed with how professional and personal Capstone handles their clients and employees. From Liz’s initial phone interview, to Ruth and her patience with me regarding HR documents, to Karen checking in with me, all three amazing people who made me feel like part of a family.  I highly recommend that employers looking for contract employees and people looking for positions keep CAPSTONE as your first resource. Thank You Everyone.”

person iconGabriel Rodriguez, Technical Program Manager, Consultant

“We’ve all been in a job hunt before and I dare say anyone enjoys it. The typical process is lengthy, uncertain, invasive, flooded with poor communication. You interact with multiple people in the recruiting process — all with a different understanding of timelines, job expectations, and the priorities of the hiring manager. There is little room to feel like anything but a resume in a pile, left to chance on whether there are any next steps coming. Herein lies the difference with Capstone. Capstone had an intimate understanding of the job requirement, a personal relationship with the client, and always followed up with answers to my questions. The process was a little more than 2 weeks from initial contact to start date. I still maintain my relationship with Capstone, and can honestly say it was my best experience with a recruiting company ever!”

person iconKat Sullivan, CRM Business System & Project Manager, Consultant

“Sheryl is very detail oriented, focused and realistic. She has a fantastic way of making a job candidate feel like they are her #1 client and makes the interview process smooth for all parties. She is very open when it comes to her communication techniques using whatever mode is most comfortable and accommodating to the job candidate. Sheryl is a great go-to person and I would highly recommend her for your recruiting needs.”