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Recruiters all draw from the same pool. How are you different? 

Recruiters don’t find candidates from one centralized pool. Our recruiters access different places to find the best, qualified candidate depending on the position and our knowledge of the market. As example, candidates only post their resume on job boards from time to time, and not all candidates are reachable on LinkedIn or other social networks. Hence, a “centralized” pool of talent does not exist. We utilize our own database, tools like Github, Reddit and others, LinkedIn, referrals, partners, job boards, and social networks. In addition, our recruiters are also emailed and called daily by 3rd party companies, with H1-b, F1-opt and F1-CPT candidates on their bench, that they are seeking to place. These firms are more responsive to job postings than US and GC candidates, due to the cost of keeping a visa candidate on their bench not working. 

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Lines of Business 

Business & Global Strategy

Compliance | Regulatory

Digital Channels | Marketing

Enterprise Data Management | Big Data

Software Development | Engineering

Information Security | Privacy

Information Technology (IT)

Product Development | Management

Program | Project Management (PMO)

Sales Operations | Revenue Accounting

Risk Management (BSA | AML | AIM | KYC)

Trading | Wealth Management

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