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Consultant Benefits

Capstone is proud to have provided comprehensive medical benefits –  before the ACA –  to our consultants, and we continue to do so. We provide medical, life, vision, dental, 401K plan, commuter vouchers, bereavement pay, direct deposit, parking vouchers, and sick leave/pay depending on state and county laws.

We value relationships and consider our consultants our partners.

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    Managed Work Outcomes

    Once engaged, we are there to ensure you are successful. We provide honest transparent feedback on your performance from our clients and we’ll help you get assistance if needed. We know you represent us and we value our relationship with you. Our promise to you is that we’ll do everything in our power to ensure you have a successful engagement.

    As a Capstone Employee You Are Eligible for the Following Benefits:

    1. Pre-tax Commuter Vouchers: The federal government allows you to pay for public transportation costs (BART, Caltrain etc.) with pre-tax dollars through a payroll deduction. Commuter Vouchers are sent to employee’s who enroll in the plan and the amount is determined by the employee and their commuter need. Monthly pre-tax maximum is $130.

    2. Pre-tax Parking Vouchers: Available to be used for Parking at participating parking operators nationwide. The vouchers can be used for monthly, weekly or daily parking. They are conveniently redeemed at staffed sales offices. Monthly pre-tax maximum is $250.

    3. Direct Deposit: Your paycheck can be deposited directly into your banking account as early as your first payroll.

    4. Bereavement Pay: Capstone offers up to five days compensation for time off due to the death of a spouse, child, designated partner or parent.

    1. Medical Insurance: Plans are offered through CAL Choice and include PPO’s & HMO’s. Carriers offered include: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare and Western Health. Please note: Not ALL Plans are available to everyone as plan availability is determined based on the employee’s home zip code and plan coverage area. • Capstone contributes toward the employee’s medical. Spouse and dependents are paid for by the employee.

    2. Dental Insurance: Plans are offered through CAL Choice and include Pre-Paid Plans, EPO’s and PPO’s. Carriers include: SmileSaver and Ameritas Dental Group. Capstone contributes toward the employee’s dental. Spouse and dependents are paid for by the employee.

    3. Vision Insurance: Capstone offers a Voluntary Vision Plan and a Vision Discount Plan for eye glasses / contacts. There is no Capstone contribution to these plans.

    4. Life Insurance: Capstone pays for and provides $10,000 Term Life Insurance to all full-time employees.

    1. 401K Plan: You are eligible to participate in the Capstone 401K Plan administered by 401K Direct. There is no company match on this plan. Plan details will be sent to employee’s after 2 months of service.

    2. Paid Sick Leave in California and San Francisco: If you are working in CA or San Francisco you are eligible for paid sick leave. Different rules apply for each plan however, both plans accrue at the rate of 1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked. When you start work you will be provided additional information regarding the plan you qualify for.