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Global Technology Firm

Our Denver-based client provides the world’s leading Revenue Lifecycle Management solutions.

With global deployments across 40 languages and 150 countries, and a powerful, purpose-built recurring revenue technology platform, our client has more than $14 billion in recurring revenue under management.

Under direction of their Vice President, Product & Technology, Capstone provided a team of 14 consultants driving execution of a large scale $12M Salesforce CRM platform migration from an older custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Capstone’s team consulted with the Managed Services’ business stakeholders to understand business problems then translate them into functional and non-functional requirements. We successfully created, deployed, trained and transferred this new system to operations. Our team consisted of Program Managers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Six Sigma experts, Process Engineers, Quality Assurance Leads, Automation Experts and SFDC Training Consultants. This 2-year effort resulted in improving the value proposition of our clients’ Managed Services offerings and increasing productivity through modern technology. At project end, the client retained several consultants as their full-time employees for ongoing support and process improvement.

U.S. Government

Government Data Center Upgrade
The DMDC collates personnel, manpower, training, financial, and other data for the Department of Defense. IBM won the contract to upgrade this data center’s applications and hardware. Our client is a DVBE certified supplier to IBM, who partnered with Capstone, a certified WBE to manage IBM’s need for temporary consultants. Capstone provided a PMP certified project manager with a secret security clearance who is ITIL v.3 certified to assess, deploy, and decommission various hardware and software components for this large project. Our consultant exceled at his responsibilities, built a great relationship with the DMDC leadership which lead to other project work at the DMDC, and led IBM to extend him a full-time employment offer.

Global Manufacturing Firm (headquarters location)

Our global, $1B public construction manufacturing client sought expertise in global manufacturing to work with their C-level executives.

Our global, $1B public construction manufacturing client sought a Management Consultant with seasoned expertise in global manufacturing to work with their C-level executives and their VP of Global Manufacturing to construct and define a manufacturing vision and strategy document. The company has manufacturing locations in China, Europe, the US and the rest of the world. Advanced robotics and bleeding edge manufacturing knowledge, similarly used in the Tesla manufacturing plant in Fremont, CA were required.

Capstone provided a management consultant with previous experience at HP, SUN, and 3Com leading global strategy initiatives.

Fortune 500 Technology Firm

STEM Entry-Level Hiring

This large, sophisticated Fortune 500 software firm wanted additional talent and greater diversity in the form of Computer Science students to fill entry-level positions. Capstone, a preferred supplier of their contingent labor, was asked to assist by bringing in students on a ‘contract-to-hire’ basis, from schools where the software firm was not actively recruiting, and that had some experience with their specific technology needs. Capstone provided 6 Computer Science students, who later were converted to the client’s full-time employees. The students were excited by the potential to work at this Fortune 500 firm, since they would not have had this opportunity otherwise. The client was pleased with the diversity, quality, and enthusiasm of their hires.

Regional Utility

Records Analysis
This utility provides natural gas over a large geographic territory. As a response to a regulatory investigation, they implemented the most stringent gas safety protocols in existence – beyond those required by the regulating agencies.

Capstone was asked to assist their Asset Knowledge and Maintenance (AKM) group on a large, safety improvement project by their Chief Consulting Engineer. Capstone provided project management, analytic and information technology assistance to help the group define scope, deadlines, cost, quality metrics, and risk assessment with the intent to complete this key project on-time and report back to the regulatory agencies in a timely manner. Project scope included gathering and centralizing pipeline support documentation (design, maintenance, and inspection records) from their existing systems and records, analyzing and reviewing, performing calculations and class location analysis. We provided an IT vendor support team to track, manage, and report on 200+ outside vendors, and performed technology updates to GIS and SAP systems’ interfaces. In total Capstone provided a team of 56 consultants over this 3 year effort. During the project, several Capstone employees became full-time utility employees.

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